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Florida Accident Vehicle Occupancy Rate InformaTion Estimator (FAVORITE)

State of Florida, Department of Transportation
FAVORITE (Florida Accident Vehicle Occupancy Rate InformaTion Estimator) is a desktop application developed for the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) Transportation Statistics Office as part of a project to investigate into methods for vehicle occupancy data collection.

As congestion management strategies begin to emphasize more person movements than vehicle movements, vehicle occupancy data are becoming increasingly important. With this increasing need for occupancy data comes the need to examine and reexamine the ways in which these data have been, and will be, collected. The objective of the project was to review existing methods of vehicle occupancy data collection, examines issues related to geographic, temporal, and vehicle coverage design of occupancy data collection, and develops guidelines for performing occupancy data collection as well as analyzing occupancy data.

FAVORITE was developed as part of the project to estimate the occupancy rates from multiple years of crash records on the Florida state roadway system. The system can estimate occupancy rates for select roadway segments, corridors, or regions for specific time periods for different types of vehicles. FAVORITE comes with the 1990-2005 accident data and includes passengers for up to two vehicles for each accident. In addition, the database also includes a number of variables that can be used for various analyses, including district, county, hour of day, day of week, month of year, vehicle type, facility type, area type, and crash severity. Because the system makes use of a comprehensive statewide database, it can potentially be a highly cost-effective means for monitoring statewide, regional, and site-specific vehicle occupancy trends.

For additional details on FAVORITE and the related research, please see Chapter 5 of Phase I Final Report and Chapter 7 of Phase II Final Report.

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For more information about FAVORITE, please email Albert Gan of LCTR or Gordon Morgan of FDOT.